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September 14, 2013
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[TH]: Seven Lim by spring-tea [TH]: Seven Lim by spring-tea



:bulletblue: Name: Lim, Seven (born: Morihiko Shuichi; english name was supposed to be Steven Lim)
:bulletblue: Nickname: 7, Shuichi, Steven, 'Seven-Eight-Nine'
:bulletblue: Gender: Male
:bulletblue: Sexuality: straight
:bulletblue: Age: 17 <--[updated on Dec.27 *his birthday*]
:bulletblue: Grade: First year
:bulletblue: Dormitory: Tamagawa
:bulletblue: Club: Dance


:bulletwhite: HORSEBACK RIDING: Horseback riding has been one of the few hobbies Seven acquired whenever he had free time during his stay in Singapore. A good friend of his father had a ranch, where Seven is always welcome. There he rides on the horses in order to alleviate his thoughts whenever he had issues.
:bulletwhite: DANCING: Seven was a member of a dance troupe in his secondary school as one of his extra-curricular activities. Initially, Seven only chose to be part of the dance team because it was the easiest thing for him to do in order to get a high grade, but soon enough he learned to love the field.
:bulletwhite: Shoujo Jidai: don't judge him he's a true SONE.


:bulletred: POLITICS: Seven spent most of his life prepping himself up with politics for his father was a well-known politician. He used to love everything he learns about said field but immediately turned to hate it when he found out about his father’s illegal doings.
:bulletred: NOSY PEOPLE: Especially those who wouldn't stop bothering him just to get the gist of something of their interest. What propelled Seven to detest such type of person were the paparazzis and disrespectful reporters. He's got bad experiences from the pushy media men while growing up, which leads him to become instantly hostile to those who just won't stop bothering him with questions.
:bulletred: CARROTS: He just dislikes it ever since.

{updated: 12/19}
Seven, at first glance, is your typical well-mannered friendly teenage neighbor who came from another country. He is often seen wearing a gentle smile on his face, and carries himself with politeness and certain elegance akin to public figures. This is what Seven, son of a very high-profiled and nationally known senator in Singapore, wants you to remember himself as. But in reality, Seven is two-faced. The real Seven is a quiet, highly perceptive, and observant man. He is very suspicious, distrustful, aloof and really calculative. He likes to stand back and observe things in his surroundings and conversations before delving into it. Seven likes to make sure that the coast is clear and that things are in his favor before he associates himself in any business.

Raised and bred within Singapore's elite and political social circle, Seven possesses top-notch manners and etiquette. He is very intelligent and quick to learn; trained to answer and cater to anyone in a smart yet down-to-earth fashion... for the good of his and his family's public image. He is very hard-working, but only with things of his interest. Seven doesn't like fights, and highly prefers pacifism. But this doesn't equate to him unable to defend himself when the need arises. Seven will help anyone, even a stranger, out of politeness. Such as helping someone carry a heavy load, opening doors for them, and helping a schoolmate with their math homework. But if the problem is serious, Seven will not give you a helping hand unless he deems it fit. If it isn't his business, it's not his problem.

In general, he is approachable, but don't expect his help in the long run until you get to earn his full trust.

:bulletwhite: KINDERGARTEN
Seven—born Morihiko Shuichi, is the illegitimate child of famous Singaporean senator politician Daniel Lim and 90's actress Morihiko Haruka; the fruit of a one-night stand. Seven’s mother—upon knowing that she was pregnant with Daniel’s child—took an indefinite hiatus from showbiz to hide her pregnancy from the Japanese public and flew to California. There, she gave birth to Seven Shuichi, and raised him until he was five years old. Seven grew up as a normal Asian-American kid, playing with children and learning how to speak basic American English and Japanese. Seven’s mother hid the fact that Daniel Lim now has a son with her, for Daniel already had a fiancée—Stephanie Chung, whom he is now married to, by the time she got pregnant.

:bulletwhite: ELEMENTARY
Seven, Shuichi at that time, barely turned six when his father found out about his existence. Long story short, both parents fought for Seven’s custody, with Daniel Lim emerging as victor. The long, tedious battle of Seven’s custody rights became much publicized in Japan, for both parties came from equally famous backgrounds. Seven was forced to go with his father all the way from California to Singapore, start a whole new life (and not to mention learn yet another language) and have his name changed from Morihiko Shuichi to Seven Lim. Seven had no choice but to adjust himself to Singapore’s culture and learn how to speak Chinese and Malay. He hasn't heard anything from his mother after he moved to Singapore, and this disheartened the young Seven. Daniel on the other hand, had been a very good father to him, and his new stepmother—Stephanie, was acceptably nice, despite Seven being the ‘bastard child’. Later on during his elementary days it was found out that Stephanie cannot bear a child, much to her and his father’s devastation. Since then, things slowly went downhill with his family.

There is no middle school in Singapore. Seven finished elementary schooling after completing 6th grade and proceeded to first year secondary school at age 12. Due to the dangers concerning his father's political background, Seven was taught several forms of self-defense when he was finally 'old enough', to ensure his survival should any possible threats come to him or their family's way. His self-defense training started at age thirteen: Daniel Lim hired a sniper *but, Seven was under the false pretense that this guy was a professional marksman* and taught Seven how to defend himself against hired killers using several types of guns, and proved to have an above average marksmanship. During the same year, Seven started learning taekwondo. In contrast to his great skill with guns, Seven have had struggles learning the traditional Korean martial art. He only started to excel in it two years later and finally earned his black belt when he was 15.

During his preteen years, Seven gained his senses and started to realize that his environment was very sheltered; his eyes can finally see the severe harshness underlying the soft cushions of political glitz and glamour. His stepmother's treatment grew increasingly hostile, and his father—whom he silently idolizes because of his political contributions to the country—started to feel alarmingly distant and ... odd. Rumors started circulating that his father was involved in a large political scam that collaborates with drug organizations to solicit copious amount of money through human trafficking. At first the boy didn't believed it, after all this is his beloved father they were talking about! Although, the poor child isn't exempt from the severeness of this gossip and soon enough this wavered Seven's view towards his father. Seven—who longed for a stable and happy family as far as he can remember—felt that his dream was becoming more far-fetched by the day, until he had completely given up on it. Maturity started kicking in on his adolescent mind, and he changed from a normal, active, loud young boy into a silent, highly perceptive, slightly withdrawn and observant teenager. Seven started holding back his personal opinions and feelings, but always managed to put up a happy façade on the outside for the lingering Singaporean press. This period is when he learned, and cultivated, his 'two-faced' personality.

His Singaporean family felt so hollow, so distant that Seven simply didn't feel at home.

The summer before Seven was about to start his final year in secondary school, he found out that his father is indeed involved at the rumored political scam. Furthermore, Seven found out that his biological mother, Haruka, had long since returned to Japan and had contracted an illness in the blood. Stephanie Chung, his stepmother, turned out to be the reason why no contact has been made from Seven’s real mother all these years. Stephanie forbade and blocked all forms of communication his real mother might have had in order to get through Seven out of spite and envy. Stephanie also took great effort to feed Seven false information whenever he tried to search for his biological mother, rendering the teen's search useless. Feeling disgusted and utterly appalled, Seven fought against his father, packed all of his belongings, stole the information about his biological mother's current whereabouts (they were filed inside a manila envelope stored somewhere in his stepmother's home office), bought himself a one-way ticket to Japan and ran away. Now, Seven is staying with Haruka and takes care of her while working on a summer job in order not to become a burden in terms of financial expenses. During this time he also diligently studied to refresh his Japanese skills (which was honestly rusty at the time) in order to prepare for the upcoming Japanese school year. Seven chose to attend Tachikawa high since it was the nearest school from his mother's house. His mother can actually afford the total school expenses but Seven wished to attend via a scholarship, since he doesn't want to be a burden to his mother whom he hasn't seen for a very long time, and feels that the money can be used for her treatment instead.

Additional Info:
:bulletblue: When Seven’s papers and documents were being arranged for his transfer to Singapore, Daniel Lim made him change his name from Morihiko Shuichi to Steven Lim. However, the officer in-charge of encoding Seven’s updated documents had a typographical error and missed the ‘t’ in ‘Steven’, becoming ‘Seven’ instead. Daniel Lim didn’t mind; in Chinese feng shui, Seven is considered the number of a perfectly completed cycle. And Seven thought the new name was very unique. He went by under the name of Seven Lim since then.
:bulletblue: Seven can speak fluent English, Chinese, and Malay. His Japanese is 'okay', although most of the time, he can't understand the modern slang used by Japanese teenagers.
:bulletblue: Seven's first language is English, and 99.9% chances are he's more likely to talk (and be open) to you if you conversed to him in english.
:bulletblue: ........ and he sucks at Japanese. (so +80 points if you volunteer to teach him Japanese yessu <3)
:bulletblue: Growing up in a tropical country, Seven is highly susceptible to the cold. You can see him most of the time sporting a navy blue cardigan around the campus during winter season, or whenever Tachikawa is having a cold weather day.
:bulletblue: That 'stylish' hair of his doesn't magically preps itself like that 'ye kno. (he takes good care of it)
:bulletblue: He's had three (ex)girlfriends in his lifetime. Seven broke up with his last girlfriend, Japanese-American teen Hannah Thorne *or Hana Shinguji, whichever name you want* at a point when he was really distraught regarding his whole family mess, before moving to Japan. The two keep in touch to this day as friends, but Seven still might have lingering feelings towards her.
:bulletblue: The reason why Seven started his self-defense training only years later (and not as soon as he arrived in Singapore) is because his stepmother Stephanie felt that Seven was 'too young for those kind of things', and urged Daniel Lim to put off his self-defense training until she thinks Seven is 'old enough'. (Hence starting at thirteen.) His stepmother had been genuine with her reason initially, but started to repeatedly put it off for the next couple of years because of her growing spite for him and his biological mother.

Quote: “ If one decides to disappear, no connection is to be expected. “


I had been so busy these past few days I barely managed to submit Seven's app for Tachikawa-High TT A TT /creys 5ever
it was only 30-something seconds before the deadline countdown ended when I hit 'enter' and I seriously felt like I was running for my life! ;alsjdkfa;lkj I'm so disappointed that I wasn't able to write down Seven's character thoroughly in the app because I was really running out of time TT 3 TT orz I'm so late it'll only be like a 2 out of 10 that this will get accepted /drowns in shame
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darkcandyxx Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
He seems sooooo amazing and your art is just doll!~~~
Let's rp sometime ?
so asdghj <3
if you wanna rp lemme kno = 7 =
Rienu Oct 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
oh gOSH his hair is so gorgeously swept///
He seems like a very interesting character to get to know!! Hope we can RP! * 0 * and wow horseback riding that's so cool///
spring-tea Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] by JerikutoLlama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] by JerikutoLlama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] by JerikutoLlama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] by JerikutoLlama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] by Jerikuto
I don't know why I haven't seen this comment until now I'M SO SORRY ;A;
alk;jsdf thank you for your interest!!!! ;v;  )~ and I'd love to rp with you!! /stalked ur character ugh she's so pretty and nice ;A; /touches
would you prefer by note or skype? ;v;  )/?
Christ he's so beautiful ; v ; I love his hair omg he's like a kpop idol or something hahaha
I'm really curious to see how he and my girl would get along. Hope we can rp sometime soon!
spring-tea Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
; u ; orz /shies away from compliment 
hahaha! many people commented about him resembling a kpop celebrity as well XDD 
I read Mea's app and * 3 * she's a precious bb.. they're also both chinese!! (and fruits of a one-night stand alkdsjf) 
I'll be glad to rp with you! <3 just hit me up on skype if you prefer there (mayskypesizai) or I can send you a note if you want :)))
one night stand bros, aw yea //brofist :icondatassplz:
Note would be the better method right now because I'm always at college, but we can switch to Skype
if we're ever both on <3 Looking forward to getting to know you ~
Emiliannejacobs Oct 17, 2013  Student General Artist
so cute ^^ love your drawing
spring-tea Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Emiliannejacobs Oct 22, 2013  Student General Artist
If you uh ever want to you know rp and that hit me up on skype :3 emiliannej
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